Rebecca Schena
Jewelry and metal art objects

Soft Gooey Centers

Soft, Gooey Centers is a series of twelve brooches dealing with secrecy and disclosure. It is up to the wearer whether to disclose the real material of the piece and its taboo message: each brooch is a portion of a six inch pink dildo, encased in white resin and sliced into an innocent organic form. Just as femme and queer sexuality is censored and maintained as secondary to straight male sexuality, the sexual content in these brooches can be concealed.

In their own way, these brooches can politely nod and smile in response to unwanted sexual advances, presenting a non-threatening feminine face. Their secrecy is both protective and aggressive: forced upon them and subsequently leveraged for their own means. No one would suspect that these supple forms were created by sawing a phallic symbol into twelve neat slices and mounting them as trophy heads.

Silicone, epoxy resin, sterling silver, steel, mylar, vinyl