Rebecca Schena
Jewelry and metal art objects
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A for Effort!

A for Effort! is a series of acrylic and silver brooches that serve as merit badges for organs who are simply terrible at their jobs. As someone with a chronic heart arrhythmia, I often use humor to deal with the annoyance of the condition through sarcastically congratulating my heart on its shortcomings. Therefore, I created this series of bombastic laser-cut badges for people with different chronic conditions that deal with them through humor. The brooches take inspiration from the classroom merit stickers that are used to congratulate children on doing a "great job!" on their schoolwork, but are so over-the-top as to seem sarcastic in their congratulations.


Photos by Rob Chron and Rebecca Schena

Model: Nina Gregg

Brass, sterling silver, steel, acrylic


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You Tried!



Great Attempt!

Mental Illness

Mental Illness

You're a Star!